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JIGSORT 1000 Jigsaw Puzzle Case, Store, Holder, Caddy (29.5" x 20.5")
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JIGSORT 1000 Jigsaw Puzzle Case, Store, Holder, Caddy (29.5" x 20.5")



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Jigsaw puzzle organizer that combines together the best attributes of all jigsaw cases, holders, carriers and caddies. Fits most 1000 piece jigsaws - sizes up to 29.5"" x 20.5"". Jigsort 1000 is the most popular jigsaw organizer in the Jigthings range.

The Jigsort system is designed to make it quick and easy to pack away, carry and store your jigsaws; they are forever kept safe, neat and tidy.

Jigsort comes complete with a soft but firm Construction Board (a Jigboard) on which the puzzle is made. The board is completely covered in a special soft fabric that makes it a joy to work with. It can be placed on any table or shiny surface without the least fear of scratching. The fabric covering keeps the pieces attached to the surface and this, combined with a raised edge around the board, ensures that individual pieces are never lost.

Four Sort Trays provide a means to store the non-assembled pieces. The Sort Trays are covered in the same special soft fabric as the Construction Board and each one can be used for assembling small sections for later transfer to the main board.

To pack away your part-assembled jigsaw all of the above components fit together into a stylish outer case. The case has a zip to ensure that no pieces can be lost and an integrated, fully stitched handle (no rivets, screws or staples) enables you to safely transport your jigsaw from room to room, house to house or even country to country!



Quick and easy system to pack away a part-assembled jigsaw

Separate construction tray is light and easy to move around

Four sort trays for display of unassembled pieces (Jigsaw not Included)

Stylish, zip-up outer case makes your jigsaws easily portable

Suitable for most puzzles up to 1000 pieces 29.5" x 20.5"(Jigsaw not Included)

Product Details:
Product Length: 29.5 inches
Product Width: 20.5 inches
Product Height: 2.0 inches
Product Weight: 15.0 pounds
Package Length: 40.0 inches
Package Width: 31.0 inches
Package Height: 2.0 inches
Package Weight: 23.3 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 27 reviews
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